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Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen Fans

I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back.
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Nate & Maddie [29 Apr 2011|11:38pm]


Nate and Maddie II
by ~maiea on deviantART

Nate and Maddie
by ~maiea on deviantART

I'm not done posting photos yet... have a few more to upload. But here's the first two.
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Interesting thing about the Red Queen [02 Aug 2010|03:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

So I went to San Diego Comic Con, and I managed to get a chance to talk with Terry Dodson, who as you guys know does some pencils for Uncanny X-Men.

I found out from him that it was actually HIM who designed Maddie's Red Queen costume, and NOT Greg Land! This explains a lot of things, not the least of which is why Maddie is actually dressed fairly conservatively.

I did tell Terry, "Thank you for putting her in a non-slutty outfit!!!" XD

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New Madelyne fan group on DA! [14 Jun 2010|07:20pm]

I've started up a fan group for our beloved Goblin Queen on DeviantArt.


Please visit and/or join!
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[08 May 2010|01:01am]

MARVEL COMICS [Dazzler, Angel, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Skids, Serafina, Cannonball, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Shadowcat, Colossus, Magik, Mortis, Inhumans; Medusa & Maximus, Maddie Pryor, X-Man, Stryfe]

WALLPAPERS [Inhumans; Maximus/Medusa, and SGA; Mchshep]

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[28 Mar 2010|08:00pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Medium: Marvel Comics
Fandom: X-men
Subject: Madelyne Pryor
Title: Alaska is Home

[I have a maddie pryor moodtheme, if anyone is interested]
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